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How our program works in schools.

The reason behind using athletes for our initial recruitment is because of their influence among their peers. Usually bullying situations will go unnoticed by school staff and administration because a typical bully will not act in their presence. When a situation is witnessed by a staff member, the following usually happens. The Target is moved to a different location in the class room or placed on a different bus etc.  By doing that, the Target feels singled out which just adds to their problems because feeling different is the root of their depression. The next step is to punish the bully. This is a reaction to an action that will only cause a more serious reaction as in further and usually more severe bullying. Schools are limited in how they are able to handle the situation in a productive manner.

Here’s where we come in. By forming an active group or jump starting a current group with constant recruitment will form an upside down pyramid that will create a friendlier atmosphere for the Target by giving them a new purpose and group of friends that will add confidence. It will create an option and education for the Bully to understand the emotional damage his or her actions can cause. And it will motivate the Bystanders to be involved in a safe and proper manner. The end result. Bullying situations drop dramatically. GPA score averages will go up because typically the kids who are being bullied carry a higher GPA and one of the common signs of someone who is dealing with the daily torment of bullying is a  disinterest in their studies resulting in a much lower GPA, so by providing a safer and better learning condition, schools will be more able to receive accreditations and state funding because of them. Everyone wins.   AND IT’S  FREE !!

For the first meeting, we generally try to have a staff member select 6-10 of the most influential athletes in their school who are interested in becoming an active member of our program. We then educate them on the different types of bullying, how to recognize it How to prevent it, and how to defuse a situation. Then we have them select a committee or board (President, Secretary, Vice, Head of recruiting, etc.)  that will help the staff member facilitate future meetings to discuss their progress and experiences within their group. They will be given a contract to take home and discuss it with their parents or guardian. Upon returning their signed contract, they are required to each recruit one other member in the first week. Each new member will go through the training and contract requirements including curriculum. A HERO will stay in contact and will be available for any questions or training as needed. Our program is proven and gets results. To find out more about A HERO, If you can not find the information you're looking for, please send an e-mail to dave@beaheroagainstbullying.org. Thank you.

Student contract
A HERO is a FREE service. If you do not have a active anti bullying program in your area and would like to start one, please contact me at dave@beaheroagainstbullying.org.  We are always looking for organizers. Thank you.

athletes around the world are accepting my challenge to be a hero.

we want you to be the next.



Beauty Pageant winners Pattie and Sherri are lending their full support to conquer
 this beast we call BULLYING.

Greetings everyone!

As Ms. Petite United America, I proudly support the efforts of A HERO- ATHLETES HELPING REACH OUT AGAINST BULLYING. Athletes (whether on the high school, collegiate, or professional level) have the ability to heavily in
fluence those around them. Please take a moment to show your support of this wonderful organization by LIKING their page. We are all capable of being someones HERO.

Many Blessings,

Pattie Altobelli Barbato
Ms. Petite United America Woman

Sherri Craig
My name is Sherri Craig and I am currently Miss Greater Kalamazoo 2013 and I will be competing in Miss Michigan this June. Anti bullying is a very important cause that is dear to my heart. It is my platform for the Miss America Organization and I had trouble with being bullied when I was younger as well. "A HERO" is such an influential organization that not only lets athletes help against bullying but it creates a way for all people to stop being bystanders and bullies.

Greetings Everyone,
My name is Bhagya Mann and I am honored to be a supporter of Be A Hero Against Bullying. In today's society Bullying has become very common where its cost the lives of some. I am thankful for the organization, "A Hero" and being apart of it, where we have athletes who are influencing the youth and our society that we can fight bullying!
God Bless,
Bhagya Mann
-Miss Nationwide 2013
Camille Paddock started her own anti bullying organization called Cam's Dare to be Different and is doing fantastic work for the cause and has recently added Miss Teen Illinois to her list of accomplishments.                                            


Some people go above and beyond.
Roger Tillis of http://www.viewmysport.com/Homepage.aspx spends every day trying to improve the lives of our youth through his own business and his continued involvement with A HERO, and he goes to bed every night thinking of how he cam make their lives better the tomorrow. Thank you Roger for all you do.

I would like to take a quick minute to thank all of you who are members of A HERO. We have new schools popping up all over who want to form a A HERO club in their schools and communities so your word of mouth is certainly working. While things seem to move at a slower pace than we'd like sometimes, keep the confidence that you are making a difference and never look the other way.

Thank you all again, Dave


Please, Never Look the Other Way
We all have an opportunity to save lives and it’s much simpler then you think.
An average of 4,400 teens take their own life every year because of bullying and we can all do something about it. It’s as simple as stop looking the other way and creating awareness. The problem or solution isn’t about where you live. It doesn’t matter what color you are or who you pray
to. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor or who you voted for. It’s about compassion, it’s about being a friend, it’s about not looking the other way.
I started a foundation called A HERO to help bring awareness to bullying and the emotional
damage it causes. Please take a quick moment and check out our page. It’s free and most of all, It can show you how simple it is to save lives. Please be A HERO.
Thank you all,

                     contact us at:

                       Michigan    Dave Badder                dave@beaheroagainstbullying.org
                       Florida       Roger Tillis                  roger@beaheroagainstbulying.org
                       Utah          Alii Alo                         bear@beaheroagainstbullying.org
                   UK             Mo Rahman 
                        Hawaii       Dean Takeshita          dean@beaheroagainstbullying.org 

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